Event format


  Event Format





Presentations from Industry Experts
Subject thought-leaders will share their knowledge and experience during informative presentations aimed at sharing best practice solutions, case studies and industry trends.

  Interactive Panel Discussions
Comprised of experts in their field, dynamic panel discussions will present the audience with variant view-points on new developments in the industry. Delegates are encouraged to interact and engage in these sessions, asking questions of the panelists to delve deeper into subject matters.
  Innovation Lounge
The Innovation Lounge is set up in the networking area where delegates will have the opportunity to meet, discuss and discover solutions from leading local and international brands showcasing cutting-edge technology.
  Roundtable Discussions
Through the brainstorming of ideas, the Roundtable Sessions are designed to spawn solutions and strategies to solve industry challenges. Led by a subject leader, the sessions will be conducted in break-out tables where teams will discuss topics of interest to the industry, followed by a presentation of the groups’ findings.
  By Invitation Only
To ensure a high-quality networking environment with relevant industry stakeholders attendees to the Summit are pre-qualified and by invitation only.
  High Level Networking Opportunities 
Networking sessions are incorporated into the 2-day event to allow delegates and sponsors to build new contacts, increase market exposure and do business on-site.




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